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Happiness and wellness go hand in hand. For the wellness of the people around, BrickHouse Nutrition is a nutrition manufacturing company, focused on wellness of your lifestyle, who aims to improve your health and performance by helping you reach your nutrition goals and boost your energy while enjoying your daily supplements. Their supplements serve the best as they develop new and innovative products based on the best science and research, striving to make you feel healthier in yourself. To keep your nutrition and energy goals right on track along with your budget, you are at the right place... Read More

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Two brothers in Columbus started the journey a few years back in 2016, by observing the shortcomings in the industry of sports nutritions. Being affiliated to the industry for years, they thought of an idea to make a high quality nutrition line that is lacking in the market. They believe that for a body to be healthy and nutritious, it requires a strong base to build on. With this approach they finally developed their first product namely FOUNDATION, working with the big names of the industry to formulate the best for you. It was just the beginning and their first developed product gained the market with its effective results for good growth. Meet your nutrition requirement with less to pay by availing Brick house coupons & discount codes through The Extra Discount and be more energetic and nutritious. Show Less


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