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Are you in search of solutions to your everyday common problems? Are they difficult to find? Don’t worry anymore! Bulbhead is a one-stop platform to sort your every common problem arising now and then. It provides affordable and convenient solutions to your everyday challenges as each of the products made, are designed to save the time and money of the consumers. The company is the leader in television infomercial marketing and also the original creator of the “As Seen On TV” logo and category of trade. They are the bank of bright ideas where they not only come up with great ideas... Read More

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BulbHead Extended Description

They provide the smartest solution for all sort of your problems with their innovative products for which their dedicated team works tirelessly and never fails to get the best of best for you by gathering different ideas and researches from the world.

Either you in search of tools & gadgets or items for your home or garden, they have covered you all. They offer a wide range of products under different categories that include Kitchen & Baking, Gadgets & Tools, Health & Wellness, Pets, Cleaning & Organization, Outdoor Living, Home & Entertaining, Hempvana, Auto, Apparel & Accessories, Invented Here

Ambervision Sunglasses, Ped Egg Foot File, Pocket Hose, Atomic Beam, Slim Cycle, Hurricane Spin Mop are the foremost products that are listed under the most successful items of the company.

The journey of the company started back in 1983 by AJ Khubani who was a fresh pass out of college at that time, he began by experimenting with television, producing three short infomercials.

With the expectation of earning millions of dollars, he hawked a $10  alternative version to the infamous Walkman radio and gave a $7,000 ad in the National Enquirer but he couldn’t earn much and stood at break even. From there his curiosity to bring out more products in order to achieve massive success in the business.

With continued efforts and dedication, in 1987, he introduced the first product Ambervision Sunglasses to the world as the company’s first television commercial to be aired. Moving ahead he launched the orange lensed glasses that elevated the company to new heights and turns out to be a milestone in 1987 when New York area-based Herman’s Sporting Goods placid them at their store. Its sale touched the sky that made a great hit for the company with the first million-dollar product while bringing their success of direct Tv marketing in the retail world.

His mission was to find out innovative solutions to everything for everyone around the globe. With this thought, he develops the products that provide the solution to everyday common problems continues onward, his passion for it keeps growing.

Today after many years since the first hit of the company, it is for sure that Khubani turned his dream to be a massive business success into reality by making its sales in the billions of dollars.

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An extensive range of their products giving solutions to your daily problems comes with videos and blogs about each of its products sharing the attributes, benefits, reviews, and ratings of the products to make your browsing and online shopping experience, honest and transparent.

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Q. How to use BulbHead Coupons?
IF you get your desired BulbHead at The Extra Discount, click on the "Show coupon code”. You can directly connect to the merchant page and the discount amount in the coupon will be automatically applied to your cart. So, you can pursue your shopping or proceed to the checkout
Q. How many of each BulbHead coupon can I use?
You can use BulbHead once before checking out, because every coupon is valid for a single time only. It depends upon you how many coupons of BulbHead you will utilize.
Q. How are promo codes redeemed?
If you select your favorite coupon from thousands of coupons all you need to follow some simple steps.
• By picking up your favorite brand coupons go to the “get deal” button.
• Hit “Get deal” button, after hitting it a new coupon tab window is open.
• You don’t need to paste the coupon in window bar, just by clicking in coupon window your desired promo codes will automatically copied.
• After redeeming it before check out you can enjoy mesmerizing & amazing discount offers from your favorite brands.
Q. Is Bulbhead com a legit website?
This is a scam! Do not buy the Can Opener Express from them they are junk! I wish you could give negative stars for their products! ... They only guarantee products for 30 days.
Q. What company is Bulbhead?
Founded in 2015, is a leading edge website designed to give “BulbHeads,” a.k.a our customers, a superior shopping experience. Our products feature quality images, informative videos; as well as customer reviews, so that Bulbheads can share their opinions and make smart buying decisions.
Q. Who owns Bulbhead company?
Eliances - AJ Khubani Founder As Seen On TV $350Billion Retail Category Bulbhead Telebrands Companies | Facebook.
Q. What is bulb head?
BulbHead is the home of bright ideas; a place where you're sure to find something for everyone! ... And if you're a 'BulbHead' like us and have a product or idea of your own that you want us to consider, share it, suggest it, or just let us know and maybe you too can be a contributor to the mission!
Q. How long does Bulbhead take to ship?
Standard Shipping is typically the default checkout setting. Your package is expected to be delivered within 7 business days after the items have been shipped and picked up by the delivery carrier.
Q. What are BulbHead products?
"As Seen On TV Products by BulbHead Dial Vision. $19.94. Star Shower. $39.94. Red Copper 5 Minute Chef. $34.94. Hurricane Spin Broom. $12.94. Magic Ear. $12.94. Aqua Dog Water Bowl Bottle. $9.94. Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener. $19.95. Hurricane Spin Mop. $19.94."
Q. How do you use a bulb head?
If you're having difficulty removing blackheads from your pores, try applying warm steam to your face for five minutes prior to using DermaSuction® to open pores. HOW DO I USE THIS? Simply turn the power on and move the suction head over your skin in a circular motion.
Q. Where is my Bulbhead order?
It's easy to find your order status if you have Bulbhead account. Simply visit the website and click “Log In” located in the top navigation. Once you have logged in, click on “My Account” then “My Orders”. You will be redirected to your account page where you can review all orders.
Q. How do I track my Bulbhead order?
If you did not register during checkout, you can track your order status by visiting your account page and selecting your order.
Q. What did I order from Bulbhead?
You can check the status of your order if it was purchased at on the bottom of the website there is a link where it says Track My Order and you can check the status if the order there.