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Last Updated: Sun 19 May, 2024

Framebridge coupon – Buy state of the art custom frames for your story display Although, the trend of e-photography is on the peek but still traditional photos look more catchy and beautiful. Wall hanging photos and posters tell the story of past events. That is why; the custom framing is still a popular and catchy business. Due to increased material rates and involvement of technology, the custom frames cost high in the market. Framebridge coupon is a source to get custom framing on very affordable price. The rational behind launching e-commerce website and offering framebridge coupon is... Read More

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  • Framebridge also accept the digital images with minimum resolution of 150 DPI. Images received with low resolution may affect the quality of print. Always select the high resolution images for digital upload. If you feel difficulty in uploading high resolution file, preferably send your images in any digital media device like flash drive and DVD etc.
  • Framebridge always focus on the affordability of custom frames. The company also offers framebridge coupon to give maximum possible relief to the clients. When you order online, don’t forget applying the discount coupon code.
  • The alteration in the design or size of the custom frame increases the cost of end product. The company needs to buy extra material and manpower for alteration in the custom frame. To avoid extra payment, do some work and send the final measurements of your frame.
  • Framebridge offers best discount on large scale orders. Buying the material in bulk decreases the cost and ultimately reduces the cost of end product.


Q. Can I send digital files for custom framing? If yes, what is the required resolution for digital upload?
Yes, You can send digital files for printing and custom framing. The minimum requirement for printing is 150 DPI. This resolution is good for printing up to 32” x 40” large image. As the resolution for the large images goes down and the print goes blur, therefore, it is recommended that you send high resolution images as much as possible.
Q. How does framebridge calculate the price of custom frame?
The price of custom frame is calculated according to the expenditure for end product and shipment. For online customers, the discount against framebridge coupon is deducted from the total amount of end product.
Q. Does framebridge manufacture frames with removable back?
Framebridge offers all the custom frames with warranty. The frame sealed with Kraft paper for protection against dust and moisture. Frames with removable back are more prone to dust and moist exposure, that is why; framebridge does not produce removable back frames.