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Last Updated: Fri 19 April, 2024

MetroFax coupon code – A good way to enjoy internet faxing with advanced features If you want to know about the MetroFax coupon code, you are reading the right passage. MetroFax is a leading company in the world in providing internet faxing with exceptional features. It gives complete transmission security, because it is equipped with a cutting-edge server. MetroFax provides simple internet faxing and customer services to the customers. MetroFax has been working for a long on providing simple and accessible faxing to customers. MetroFax has become the cause of enhancement of the small... Read More

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Tip to make shopping affordable at MetroFax

MetroFax provides exclusive featured internet faxing to the customers at reasonable prices. The billing is categorically divided so small businesses can purchase the plan according to their requirements. There are many ways which you can adopt to make shopping valuable and affordable at MetroFax. These are the following way:

  • Customers should focus on the plans with a discount on them. MetroFax frequently launches new packages with discounts on them. So, if you go for the checking out the valuable plan for your business at a reasonable price, it will make your shopping effective and affordable.
  • Customers should keep in view the occasions and events because MetroFax introduces new packages and plans which will help you save more than on other days.
  • MetroFax offers a 17% discount on the annual plan than the monthly one. Customers should try to buy the annual package because it will help them to save more than the monthly pack.
  • The customer should discuss this with the sales experts. He will guide you about the latest and most affordable valuable plan. The sales expert will also suggest an effective package according to your requirement.
  • MetroFax coupon is the best way to save from shopping at MetroFax. It offers customers exclusive deals and discounts while shopping from the company or a mobile app.



  • Discount with MetroFax coupons
  • Enhanced fax capabilities
  • Centralized web based admin console
  • Immediate confirmation
  • Availability of dedicated numbers
  • High speed transmission
  • Exceptional free support


  • Only 14 days trial period


Q. Does MetroFax offer discount for new customers?
With MetroFax coupon codes, every customers get discount on the services. New members get discount when they apply coupon code on checkout. Moreover, the permanent customers also get discount whenever they select new offers and services.
Q. What services can I use during the 14 days trial period?
The basic aim of 14 days trial period is to exercise the fax and other services of the system. Every feature of MetroFax is made accessible for the customers during this 14 days trial period. The customer has option to continue or discontinue the service after the trial period.
Q. Does MetroFax allow sending fax through web?
After signing up, you have complete access to fax from anywhere with available internet access. You just need to log in your account and process your fax.
Q. Can I receive my fax using Smartphone?
You can use any device with internet access to receive and send fax. The only requirement is to have a compatible device with internet access and a MetroFax account.