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Factor Meals coupon code – A simple way to get fresh ready-made meal at your doorstep If you are reading this page, you are reached here by exploring the Factor coupon code. You may little know about the company that it provides your favourite and healthy meal at your doorstep. Factor Meals not only gives exclusive discounts but also gives a way to enjoy ready-made and healthy food designed by dietitians. It provides a flexible menu for every week. You only need to heat and serve. You can set your preferences for all meals and book a session with Factor meals dietitians and nutritionists... Read More

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Factor Meals aims at providing fresh and healthy meals to the customers who order online. The company ensures the provision of safe and healthy food at door step. However, there may be storage issues at your home. Keeping in view the different situation, we have made some useful tips that will help you to manage your meal orders according to your needs. These tips will help to prevent the spoilage of food as well as to save money.

  • Factor offers various discount meal deal in the form of coupon codes. So, never forget getting a factor Meals coupon code whenever you order meals online.
  • Usually, the customer does not know the amount of food coming in the package. Sometime, the customer orders the meals more than their needs. Factor delivers the meals for one week. If you order the food more than your need, it may be spoiled after 7 days. It is better you order small quantities for the first time.
  • Factor focus on taste and health at a time. Therefore, you see different meal plans with variable amount of calories. If you are a calorie conscious person, you must choose the meals that match your diet plan.


  • Weekly meal plans
  • Money saving
  • Calorie smart meals
  • Discount codes
  • 7 days long lasting fresh food
  • Flexible and editable plans


  • Single serving is not available


Q. How can I get Factor coupon code?
Factor offers good discount on various meal plans. Many affiliates update their websites with fresh Factor coupon codes for online customers. You can copy a code with the best discount before you order a meal.
Q. How can I start first order at Factor?
As a routine, Factor meals are delivered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The cutoffs of new orders of the previous week are processed on Wednesday. After that you will receive regular meals as per your plan. You can see further details on the official website of Factor.
Q. Can I heat the meals in microwave or oven?
Yes. The weekly foods are ready to eat after heating on recommended temperature. Every package includes instruction regarding heating temperature for that particular food. You can also find these instructions on the menu page of Factor website.
Q. Can I store the meals under freezing temperature?
The Factor official recommends eating the meals within seven days as labelled. However, if you want to freeze the meals, you must heat more couple of minutes more than the recommended. In some cases you may not get the real taste of fresh meals. Therefore, it is better to eat fresh meals.