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Last Updated: Tue 18 June, 2024

Legal services are frequently required to protect ones business and personal assets. Legalzoom is a viable solution for legal documents. They provide you with access to all of the legal documents you will require. The website contains documents for commencing or operating a company, as well as the necessary follow-up documentation for registration, trademarks, incorporation, and contractual agreements. You can also get the documents you need for more personal matters. With assistance, bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury, and other unexpected crises become less daunting. Wills,... Read More

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  • Benefit from LegalZoom’s fixed rates without hourly costs.
  • For less than $40 a month, you can get legal counsel for your company.
  • On legal services for your business, estate planning, wills, trusts, family law requirements, and more, save 10% or more.
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  • Within the first 60 days, you are entitled to a refund if you are dissatisfied with LegalZoom’s services.


  • Refund fee within the first 60 days
  • Never have to travel to a lawyer’s office
  • Legally recognition of your documents above than 50 states
    Without hourly fees. Zero surprises
  • 24/7 service
  • Any time online documentation process can be checked


  • Bound to on online consultation
  • Little expensive as compare to other legal nonprofit cites like northwest


Q. When will my order be delivered?
In My Account, you can keep tabs on the progress of your order. Check the Completed Orders tab after logging in to see if it has been delivered to your address or made accessible online. Check the Open Orders tab to see if it has yet. You can find out more about the order's current status on the order.
Q. How do registered agents work? Do I have to use the Registered Agent Services offered by LegalZoom?
During regular business hours, a registered agent is an adult or approved business that is available to take mail or personally delivered court documents on your behalf. They must be physically located in the same state where your business was established or obtained foreign qualification, not just a PO Box. In most places, you are obligated to have a registered agent, and you are allowed to choose who that person is—even yourself. You can trust that your legal notices are in excellent hands when you use our Registered Agent Services. On your behalf, we'll notify you of any critical mail that comes in, and we'll also provide you with added services like identity theft protection and emails with deadline reminders.
Q. I have no idea why my credit card was debited. How can I learn more?
All of your payments are visible in My Account. Go to the Account tab, then the Payment History section, after logging in. You can print a receipt and see further information for each payment.
Q. How can I verify if the state has approved the name of my corporation?
In My Account, you can keep tabs on the progress of your order. Go to the Open Orders tab or the Completed Orders tab after logging in. You may check the status of your order from there. Your company name has been authorized by the state if you observe that we are about to assemble or transport. We'll notify you on your account and get in touch with you if there's a problem.
Q. How do I end my subscription or order?
You have 2 options for subscriptions: Open My Account and log in. Navigate to the Manage Payments option under the Account tab. Click the Cancel option after selecting your subscription. From 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT on Monday through Friday, you can reach us via phone. Please let us know how we can improve and better serve you in the future. Do you have to terminate Registered Agent Services? Please refer to the following query.