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Last Updated: Sun 19 May, 2024

Order Food you love with Home Chef coupon codes Home Chef is a company that supplies its customers the delicious, nourished, and customize a meal. Customers of Home Chef have the opportunity to set their preferences to order a meal uniquely for themselves. Home Chef reflects the choice and taste of its customers. Last year, the company had 10 million orders after including several chefs as partners and 700 employees. Customers can order their favourite meal by just setting their preferences and ordering meal. Home Chef also includes some features to balance diet according to customer’s... Read More

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Home Chef is a well known meal specialist providing you with new tastes and recipes. Daily you see various types of meal deals available on the main page highlights. Placing meal order is a fun for food lovers. They always search for affordable but good deals. Here are few important tips that will help you to get your favourite meal in very affordable price.

  • Home Chef enables you to simplify your deal order. Now you do not need to order a complete deal. You can customize your order according to your need. Simplifying your order will not only save your money but will also prevent the wastage of extra food.
  • Don’t forget applying the Home Chef coupon code when you place an online order.
  • Home Chef remembers every event and offers exclusive deals with respect to the particular events. You can get gift cards on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and every special day in your life.
  • Home Chef maintains a large list of calorie conscious meals on official website. If you want a controlled calorie meal, you must choose one from the list. Moreover, you can also customize the calorie conscious meals as well.


Q. How can I order meals from Home Chef Store and what does it cost?
Make sure that you have copied the Home Chef coupon code before placing order for any meal. The cost for standard meals is shown against every deal however, if you want custom order, you will see the cost at the end before checkout.
Q. How does Home Chef take preventive measures against COVID-19?
Home Chef takes strict measures regarding COVID-19. The store implements all the SOPs set by FDA.
Q. Can I choose a diet plan prescribe by a doctor?
Home Chef enables you to customize your meal plan. Every custom plan allows you to choose the ingredients covering your diet plan. Calorie management is also good feature of custom meals of Home Chef.
Q. Does Home Chef provide calorie conscious meals?
Yes. Home Chef maintains a large list of calorie conscious meals. Additionally, the customisation of calorie conscious meals is also available which enables you to keep your meal as per your needs.