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Last Updated: Tue 11 June, 2024

Life Lock coupon code – A simple way to deal with cyber-crimes. You are reading the written passage about the Life Locks coupon code. Life Locks is a company that provides identity protection and security to its customers against cyber-crimes. It prevents and protects the customer’s identity from theft and unfair use. The Life Locks have years of experience in providing solutions to identity theft issues and guidance in making strong security. The company offers award-winning products and services that help the customers in making their identity strong. Customers can easily avail of... Read More

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According to a survey, a person is victim of identity theft in every three seconds. This rate of identity theft is very alarming for everyone. LifeLock aims at making your protection easy. However, you can only get full benefits of anti theft features when you know its applications. The Company has laid down the procedure on the official website to report any threat notification. The following tips will help you watch your identity protection and threats so that you may be able to take timely action to contact LifeLock support service.

  • LofeLock maintains a reliable system to notify regarding threat alerts. In this connection, the company uses, sms and email to send threat alerts. You must be vigilant to timely respond these threat alerts.
  • LifeLock has launched a fast mobile application for the clients. This application produces instant notifications alerts. If you install the application, you remain current with your identity matters.
  • In case identity theft, the company provides restoration specialist facility to US based clients. So, you must know your protection level according to your package and location.
  • Kids are more vulnerable to become the victim of identity theft. Actually, kids have clean credit histories and are easier for the criminals to generate new charges and opening new accounts on behalf of your child. So, be careful about the identity protection of your kids.


Q. Does LifeLock offer discount on coupon codes?
Yes. LifeLock offers discount on coupon codes issued through affiliates. The discount on LifeLock coupon codes varies with the package. Moreover, the company offers various occasional deals for its customers.
Q. Can I get protections for kid’s identity?
Yes. LifeLock offers three types of identity theft protection for individuals, families and companies. The family packages include protection for kids.
Q. What should I do on identity stolen?
Inform the LIfeLock customer support service as soon as possible after receiving the identity theft notification. The further process rests with the company to track and restore your ID and funds.
Q. Does LifeLock give imbursement of stolen funds?
Yes. LifeLock is bound to reimburse the stolen funds due to identity theft. The company only reimburse the funds as per your plan limits.