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Last Updated: Tue 18 June, 2024

Halloween costumes coupon – Unbelievable discount on sale and rent Halloweencostumes.com first time initiated the trend of rent a costume. Not only rent facility but also discount on the rental costumes against Halloween costumes coupon. Just like other online sale offers, now the customers can get discount for renting the costumes. Basically, the idea of launching the online shop for Halloween costumes arise in the mind of Jenice Fallenstien (the owner of the company) when she used to prepare the costumes for her children. Like other fathers, she loved her children and paid full... Read More

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  • Only one Halloween costumes coupon can be applied for shopping. Whenever you start shopping, continue till end. Once you have selected all the desired items, apply the coupon before checkout.
  • For group costumes, the company has set a checkout limit. Before selecting the group costumes, read the conditions regarding that particular category. Calculate your budget and then place you order.
  • The size of costume is most important factor. For adult costumes, go through the size guide and select the perfect size. The company also accepts the order for custom costumes. If no size is fit to you, order a custom item.
  • The rental costumes are charged per night or day basis depending upon the nature of festival for which you want to rent. Try to return the costume well in time to avoid the additional charges.
  • com manufactures the decoration costumes to simulate the themes. If you are unable to search your desired theme, order for a custom piece.


Q. How to get a Halloween costumes coupon code?
Unlike other websites, Halloweencostumes.com does not issue any coupon code. The customer just need to click the link and the coupon will be applied automatically. Halloweencostumes.com only accepts one coupon for one purchase
Q. How to place a school order?
The school order is applicable only for USA. If you do not belong to USA, your school order will not be accepted. Moreover, before placing an order for school, make sure that the grand total must cross $400.00. The school order under this limit will not be accepted.
Q. Does Halloweencostumes.com accept return of defective items?
Yes. The company also accepts the return claims for the defect or flaw in the product. However, you need to contact the customer’s service before returning the item.
Q. Does Halloweencostumes.com accept exchange?
Yes. Halloweencostumes.com also accepts the exchange claim of items. The company makes the exchange process easy and simple for the online customers. You just click the return/exchange option and raise your claim.